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About Lady Panther Volleyball

We believe that volleyball has so many positive things to offer those who participate. First, and most importantly, whether one is a gifted athlete or a recreational player, volleyball is FUN! It is a lifetime sport enjoyed by players from 8 to 80. Participation in volleyball is not only good exercise, but also involves team cooperation and spirit. We are committed to develop volleyball players but also respectable young ladies.

Contact Info



Coach: Branson Barr

Junior Varsity

Coach: Cristal Herrera


Coach: Beth Schroeder


For more information on North Valleys Volleyball program, please contact us.

Requirements and Expectations of Lady Panthers

  • Attend team practices and games.
  • Be dressed, prepared and on time time for practices and games.
  • Its the players responsibility to notify a coach if you are going to be absent or late.
  • Practices will be closed. If parents have concerns they can contact a coach.
  • No parent contact with a coach 24 hrs before or after a game.
  • If the player or parent has a concern, it is the expectation to contact the coach first, then if not resolved Bob Bentley. If still not resolved, contact NVHS Athletic Director.
  • Players expected to participate in fundraising.