1000 Dog Portraits From the People Who Love Them by Robynne Raye

By Robynne Raye

«Some of our best ancient and creative treasures we position with curators in museums others we take for walks.» - Roger A. Caras, Animal Welfare Activist. a thousand puppy photos is a compilation of quirky, enjoyable, fanatical illustrations, work, collages and drawings from designers and artists worldwide. From hounds to herding canine, and mutts to terriers, there's a assorted diversity of inventive renditions from naïve and summary to standard portraiture. Artist and dressmaker Robynne Raye curates this assortment that could be a examine consultant on kind for the budding artist in addition to a e-book of notion to the practising expert. Theres even a bankruptcy known as, «How some ways are you able to Draw A Beagle?» displaying the myriad of the way an artist can depict a unmarried breed of puppy. So rev up your representation muscle and be encouraged by way of this loving tribute to mans ally.

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Bucher 0104 | Bottom Daisy Jennifer Ettinger H O W M A N Y WAY S C A N YO U D R AW A B E AG L E ? | 4 1 0106 | Below Greyhound Juan Travieso 42 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS Happy Hounds 0106–0186 0107 | Left Greyhound Minjin Yang 0108 | Right Roxy,Lurcher Ali Barlow HAPPY HOUNDS | 43 0109 | Top Hastings, Bru, Odell, Basset Hounds Lili Chin 0110 | Bottom Left Mr. Wiggles, Basset Hound Brandis Sarich 0111 | Bottom Right Walter, Basset Hound Kelly Saxton 44 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS 0112 | Top Basset Hound Ghica Popa 0113 | Bottom Left Penelope, Basset Hound BethAnn Lubert 0114 | Bottom Right Bower, Basset Hound Melinda Dalke HAPPY HOUNDS | 45 0115 | Left Purdey, Lurcher Sally Muir 0116 | Top Left Whip It Lisa Hildebrant 0117 | Top Right Hamish Karen Robinson 0118 | Bottom Right Carmen Roz Stendahl H A P P Y H O U N D S | 47 0119 | Top Left Sienna Robert Bootier 0120 | Bottom Left Sienna Robert Bootier 0121 | Below Jillian Milne 48 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS 0122 | Right Floyd Kathryn Hansen HAPPY HOUNDS | 49 50 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS 0123 | Top Left Bonesy & Hobie Judy Henn 0125 | Top Right Hobie Judy Henn 0124 | Left Bertie Andrea Bragg 0126 | Bottom Right Chinook Janet Burt 0127 | Top Left Rachel Levit 0128 | Bottom Left Baxter Eric Nixon 0129 | Right Hobie Judy Henn 0130 | Left Greyhound Tim Gough 0131 | Opposite Pooch In Pucci Jo Chambers 52 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS HAPPY HOUNDS | 53 0132 | Top American Fox Hound Cabell Gorman 0133 | Left Sophie Lisa Hildebrant 54 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS 0134 | Top Left Tuffin Jane Oriel 0135 | Above Clancy Erica Vojnich 0136 | Right Jaeger Karie-Ann Cooper HAPPY HOUNDS | 55 0137 | Top Left Hailey R.

Mike Nichols 0146 | Top Right Buster Roz Stendahl 0145 | Bottom Left Sammy Karen McFeaters 0147 | Bottom Right Fred Jude Landry HAPPY HOUNDS | 59 60 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS 0148 | Opposite Top Left Beardsley Erica Vojnich 0149 | Opposite Top Right Sydney Ludmila Sienkiewicz 0150 | Opposite Bottom Left Kryssy, Billy, and Gilmour Ali Barlow 0151 | Opposite Bottom Right Olive Deborah A.

3 1 | 0083 | Opposite Beagle Barbara Clements Syring 0084 | Top Beso Kristin Bowen 0085 | Bottom Sam Melinda Dalke H O W M A N Y WAY S C A N YO U D R AW A B E AG L E ? | 3 3 0086 | Top Left Neko Lili Chin 0087 | Above Kida Lauren Patterson 0088 | Far Left Padfoot Kim Niles 0089 | Left T-bone Sam Maxwell 34 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS 0090 | Left Beagle Vanessa Foss Turcan 0091 | Above Wellington and Kiara Lili Chin H O W M A N Y WAY S C A N YO U D R AW A B E AG L E ? | 3 5 0092 | Above Chubby McLovin Ed Hall 36 | 1000 DOG PORTRAITS 0093 | Above Chubby McLovin Ed Hall H O W M A N Y WAY S C A N YO U D R AW A B E AG L E ?

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