5 Steps to Maintain Good Health and Beauty by Anjali Arora

By Anjali Arora

"Both beauty and health are a vital part of an ideal character. This e-book is a consultant to ideal healthiness and beauty.

It supplies an in depth account of the anatomy of the outside, discusses a variety of universal pores and skin difficulties like pimples and zits and gives suggestions to make your dermis supple and fit. It additionally tackles different beauty and health difficulties.

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Myths And Fact File Myth Hair grow longer if brushed with 100 strokes at night. Fact If hair are brushed too much, they can break more easily and fall. Comb or brush your hair gently with a few strokes. Avoid handling them too much especially when they are wet. Myth If I keep chewing a mouth freshener the whole day, my mouth will remain fresh. Fact Chewing any kind of food the whole day is not healthy for your teeth. Mouth fresheners are for quick and temporary freshness. Eat healthy and keep your mouth and teeth clean for healthy and fresh breath.

Use a good lip balm, Vaseline or you can apply glycerine with rosewater. When it is very hot a sunscreen stick with a high sun protection factor (SPF) can be used. Drink plenty of water to cool and rehydrate your body. Do not keep licking your lips. They will only crack more. Fresh Breath Clean, healthy teeth and a good diet are the foundation of a fresh, sweet breath. Plenty of natural foods like fruits and salads should be part of your meals. For a quick fresh breath you can chew mint (pudina), parsley or have grains of aniseed (saunf).

Stress and diet are other causes for the skin to develop adverse reactions or become sensitive. 05. Skin Problems Sun Burn Skin can burn as a result of ultraviolet B rays present in the sunlight. The darker Asians and Africans are more protected with the presence of more melanin, a pigment that causes iscolouration of the skin. The upper layer of the skin tends to thicken due to harsh sunlight. The skin also can lose some of its elasticity resulting in wrinkles and premature ageing. Acne Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that occurs mostly among teenagers.

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