7th Sea Villain's Kit by Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

By Jim Pinto, Carl Frank

The Villain's package comprises Footprint Island, The Powder Keg, the right way to construct definitely the right Villain, 4 new motion maps, and sixteen NPC head pictures, plus a crusade development sheet.

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Pirates If the Powder Keg is a pirate hang out, it still needs to be in one of the seven Théan nations. However, pirate dives at the edge of a dank harbor are rarely adopted by the locals as “historic” venues. Pirates that frequent such a place will find there are no locals there nor anyone else for that matter. They can pretty much have it all to themselves. PCs interested in adventuring in Castille can easily aid or deter the cause by learning more about the intricate nature of Los Vagos. Hero members of Los Vagos will be sure to make a mental map of everyone and everything here.

Quieres algo de tomar? No tengo tiempo para ti. Cuando tengo tiempo, venga aqui. Mis vacas son muy tristes. Piso mojado. Ahora. Action Maps On pages 50 through 59 there are seven action maps that GMs can use to enhance combat and game play. We recommend that you photocopy the pages out of the book and use them for combat and role-playing situations where the action and location of Heroes is important. 33 7th Sea Eisen Eisen is a guttural, ulating language. The words are sharp and the consonants are quick.

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