A Guide to the Words of My Perfect Teacher by Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang, Padmakara Translation Group

By Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang, Padmakara Translation Group

This consultant presents readers with crucial history details for learning and practising with Patrul Rinpoche's Words of My ideal instructor— the textual content that has, for greater than a century, served because the trustworthy sourcebook to the non secular practices universal to the entire significant faculties of Tibetan Buddhism. by means of providing chapter-by-chapter remark in this popular paintings, Khenpo Pelzang offers a clean standpoint at the position of the instructor; the phases of the trail; the view of the 3 Jewels; Madhyamika, the foundation of transcendent knowledge; and lots more and plenty extra.

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Second, the meditation of the Secret Mantrayana is superior because it contains the generation phase, related to skillful means, and the perfection phase, related to wisdom. Third, the action of the Secret Mantrayana is superior because it is without difficulty. Whereas in the Causal Vehicle of Characteristics there is no path taught for accomplishing enlightenment without giving up the five pleasures of the senses, in the Secret Mantrayana, where the mind is easily and quickly protected, 41 the five pleasures of the senses are not rejected but used as the path, and it is possible to accomplish the level of the union Vajradhara42 in one lifetime and one body.

The Three Pitakas together constitute the Buddha's two precious doctrines of transmission and realization. If we divide the Dharma into vehicles, there are what we call the worldly vehicle, or vehicle of gods and humans, and the transcendent vehicle, or vehicle of complete liberation. The worldly vehicle takes one from existence in the three lower realms to the level of gods and humans in the higher realms, and this is why it is called the worldly vehicle. The transcendent vehicle comprises two vehicles: the Basic Vehicle, known as the Vehicle of Shravakas and Pratyekabuddhas, so called because it takes one to nirvana, the state of the Shravakas and Pratyekabuddhas; and the Great Vehicle, so called because it takes one to perfect b~ddhahood beyond the two extremes.

34 28 THE ORDINARY oR OuTER PRELIMINARIES When anger arises in the mind, in that very instant all the virtuous deeds you have accumulated through generosity and discipline over a thousand great kalpas are destroyed. If you regret your virtuous deeds, their potential for future good will be exhausted. You might make offerings to the Three Jewels and give generously to ordinary beings, but if you later have regrets and mentally withdraw your instructions with regard to the things you gave, thinking that you could just as well have offered half or a third as much, such regret leads to the merit of your positive actions being consumed.

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