Acrylic Painting For Dummies by Colette Pitcher

By Colette Pitcher

Hands-on, full-color guide during this flexible portray medium Acrylic paint is straightforward to exploit, quickly to dry, a cinch to scrub up, and comparatively inexpensive--which makes it an exceptional medium for newbie artists. Following an easy step by step technique, Acrylic portray For Dummies presents hands-on guide and easy-to-follow workouts in acrylic portray concepts and kinds, making the medium available to would-be artists in any respect degrees. that includes large-scale tasks on the finish of such a lot chapters and considerable extra possibilities for readers to color alongside, this pleasant advisor can assist an individual become aware of the artist inside of. Collette Pitcher (Greeley, CO) is a painter who shows her paintings during the nation. She is the landlord of the exhibit artwork middle in Greeley, the place she bargains grownup guideline in several portray mediums. Pitcher is usually the writer of Watercolor portray For Dummies (978-0-470-18231-4).

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That’s a question not every designer – needless to say the owner – could manage. In this chapter, we will see many popular projects of wall painting design in homes worldwide. Hopefully one or two of them would be enlightening for your imagination. 当有一天你突然发现,每天都要面对的居住空间中的墙面突然变得冰冷和 陌生,相信你的心情也会由此变得低落。那么从现在开始,请把心情愉悦 起来,和我们一起进行墙画的创作吧! 当今,墙画在家居空间的应用越来越被人们所喜爱,并且成为家居装饰的 一个很重要部分。然而,怎样的墙画才能够更加恰当地表达出空间与众不 同的性格和特色,并不是每个业主或者设计师所足够了解和把握的。这一 章向我们展示的是国际比较流行的家居墙画设计案例,或许其中的一两个 项目将会是你无穷想象力开启的钥匙。  Painting in Wall Design  Hamish Benjamin, Wall Vynil ‫ݟ‬૤൑iЯࢵ଄ഩࡁ֭ ၡ༞ࠖూ૳ Designer: Sawdust Photographer: Sawdust Location: London, UK Completed date: 2008 Project description: The bespoke artwork was installed as vinyl stickers across walls, ceilings and storage units.

7/‫܅‬ቜ൱ ལପׁ‫׌‬Ļε‫ۼ‬๛ҋၚ୾බο৮බ ຣӶ൐࡟Ļ୕ ལପ૵ඕĻধሹε‫ۼ‬๛֭‫ۺ‬໒ၤඔࡍ‫ܓ‬๥ᄥ၊۹ ٤࡟ৢ‫܅‬ቜĭᄥᆋ۹٤࡟୅๡‫ݞ‬ၤඔўཋĭսᄷ ԣ၊۹ྕൟࣀh  Hotel Ritter ৢำࣽ‫ד‬ Designer: JOI-Design GmbH, Hamburg Photographer: JOI- Design GmbH Location: Durbach, Germany Completed date: 2008 Project description: In the spa, visitors encounter a light-filled reception with wine-tinted images of tree leaves screened onto the back wall’s decorative panels. ལପଈӳĻৢำࣽ‫ד‬ ഩࡁ൅Ļ‫ݹ‬Е160ഩࡁ‫܌‬ර തႝ൅Ļ160ഩࡁ‫܌‬ර ལପׁ‫׌‬Ļ֫‫ݛ‬،‫ق‬Ϡ‫ޔ‬ ຣӶ൐࡟Ļ୕ ལପ૵ඕĻණਗܾ୅ĭႚࢬࣽ‫ॢד‬ಮ֭൦၊۹଄਒ ֭ࢬֈฃĭ޲૳ూഐ֭ሕ൭ϸഐႽሪ௶ฬࣽ೬֭ඖ ၅ྡཨh Painting in Wall Design  Wall Painting in Offices 办公墙画 In our mind, offices are always related to busy men and women, monotonous with tension and gravity.

Actually, such offices help nothing but to depress employees. Then, why not adapt them with wall paintings? A lively office that invites happy working experience is at the same time a space to enjoy your life. The adoption of wall painting to offices is a great venture for interior design. The traditional perception towards offices is overthrown, and working is personalised. Employees would be likely to feel relaxed in such offices with spirits, thus working with higher efficiency. The office wall paintings included here are the typical styles in current offices.

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