Active solar collectors and their applications by Ari Rabl

By Ari Rabl

Offers a survey of sunlight geometry and meteorological information, the optics of varied types of sunlight creditors, the mechanics of warmth move, and personal components of procedure deign, optimization, and financial research. additionally mentioned are trying out, equipment and fabrics, and monitoring and nontracking creditors

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The effective blackbody temperature of the sun is 5762 K. Other effective temperatures could also be denned; for example, the temperature of a blackbody with the same wavelength of maximum radiation as the sun is approximately 6300 K [Duffie and Beckman, 1980]. The radiation emitted by the sun is nearly constant. The intensity of this radiation can be characterized by the solar constant 70. 495 X 10" m. ) Measurements of the solar constant have improved over the years, espe28 Solar Geometry 29 cially since the beginning of space flights.

2 The equation of time, E, in minutes, as a function of time of year (From Duffie and Beckman [1980], with permission of John Wiley & Sons). orbit around the earth. This motion is described in solar time, and henceforth throughout this book all time-of-day designations are given as solar time. The solar orbit makes an angle 5 with the plane of the earth's equator. This 5 is called declination and varies with day of year n (after 1 January) according to To derive this equation, vector algebra is convenient.

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