Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Reloaded by Poulomi Mukherjee

By Poulomi Mukherjee

A contemporary retelling of the story that has been advised to generations for plenty of centuries now.

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Se trata de los umbrales del texto literario, lo que se llamará aquí, con un término más técnico, el paratexto: presentación editorial, nombre del autor, títulos, dedicatorias, epígrafes, prefacios, notas, pláticas y entrevistas, y otras advertencias en los angeles cuarta de forros. Este aparato es a menudo demasiado seen para ser percibido y actúa a espaldas de su destinatario.

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In time, as usual! Officer! Arrest this man! 63 Nobody touch them! They need to be defused, but there’s no time to call the bomb defusal team. Hmmm. I wonder if-- There you go. It was simple! Quite a crude bomb, really. You haven’t heard the last of me! I’ll be back when you least expect it. Marjeena, you’ve saved our lives once again. It makes me realize just how much a part of the family you really are. And this seems like the perfect time to make it official. So, on this special occasion—my son’s birthday and the victory over my greatest enemy—I would like to announce...

It’s the salt trader, the Mafia boss! Although Marjeena was sure it was him, she didn’t want to act too rashly. Omar, I need to talk to you. Later, Marjeena. Now come and meet someone special. I’m Omar’s uncle from the Middle East. He’s already told me so much about you, although I must say you are more beautiful than I had expected. And cleverer too! 57 So, uncle, is it business or pleasure that brings you here? It’s a mix of both, really. I’m just so glad that I’ve been able to trace this wonderful family!

Umm... Vijay Sharma. Sahib, what does this lost friend of yours look like? I have been cutting hair here for the past twenty-five years. I know everyone in this area. And everyone’s secrets too... hahaha! You say your friend borrowed a huge amount of money from you? No sir, I think they’re all pretty poor here. Well, he was as strong as an ox, but I’m sure the years have changed him. Your friend must be rich. Only poor people live here. Except... What? 40 That will cost 100 rupees! 100 rupees! There’s just one family who has suddenly become rich in an area close to here.

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