Arms Law (Rolemaster Companion) by S. Coleman Charlton, Kurt H. Fischer, Jeff Yette

By S. Coleman Charlton, Kurt H. Fischer, Jeff Yette

Placed speedy and livid wrestle into your experience! hands legislation gives you fable and medieval melee and missile assaults with realistic-plus effects. uncomplicated to take advantage of, you will puncture, lessen, or weigh down your foes with convincing fatality!Arms legislations expands the strive against process from Rolemaster delusion function taking part in to its complete breadth.Attacks from dozens of guns are all dealt with otherwise in order that every one weapon has a different believe and style. an identical is right for animal assaults and different opposed maneuvers like falling, brawling, and martial's now not the bruises that kill! serious harm is what wastes your enemies! fingers legislation offers a dozen kinds of severe moves -- defined in brilliant element -- that let you graphically describe the brutality to strive against!

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The pain is certain. +8H – 2∑∏ 67-70 +4H – (π-20) Foe recoils before your blow impacts. He steps back 5 feet to defend himself. +5H – (π-10) Glancing blow takes skin with it. You have initiative next round. +6H – (π-20) Disorient foe with a tricky shot. He is at a loss for words. Blow to foe's left calf. You gain initiative. Catch foe in lower leg. You gain initiative, while foe regains footing. Solid blow to back. Foe seeks to avoid this attack again. He has lost his way. +4H +7H +4H – (π-10) +3H Blow is forceful, not hard.

Foe goes to his knees and dies in 12 rounds. — Strike through foe's side spills his guts Your weapon passes through the arm on the floor. Foe fights on normally for 6 and sticks out the other side. Foe dies in rounds, then dies. 12 rounds. Strike plunges into doomed foe's chest and emerges from the other side. Foe drops and dies in 6 rounds. Shot through both ears proves effective. Foe dies instantly. Pretty shot. 3∑∏ – (-75) +10H – 3∑∏ – 6∫ – (-20) — (+20) 6∑ – 3∫ Strike plunges into leg with deadly effect.

He dies. You consider yourself to be deadly. Fine work. You are ready to slay. +30H – 24∑∏ +25H — Blast to foe's back. A bone is driven into vital organs. Foe is down and dies in six rounds. +25H Blow to foe's face. If visored, the visor is driven into his face and foe dies in 10 rounds. Without a visor, he dies instantly. You have half the round left. +30H – (+20) Blow turns hip to dust. Foe falls down. Attempts to stand. Falls again and dies in 6 rounds. +35H – 2∑ – 6(-30) ARMS LAW 34 Key: ßπ =must parry ß rounds; ß∏=no parry for ß rounds; ß∑=stunned for ß rounds; ß∫ =bleed ß hits per round; (-ß)=foe has -ß penalty; (+ß)=attacker gets +ß next round.

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