Ascendant's Rite (Moontide Quartet, Book 4) by David Hair

By David Hair


The previous couple of months of the moontide - while the bridge connecting East and West rises above the ocean - has come, and within the West Emperor consistent prepares the ultimate section of his plan to overcome the East.

For failed mage Alaron and his significant other Ramita - widow to the mage who equipped the Leviathan Bridge - the unthinkable has occurred. they've got misplaced the Scytale of Corineus, the foremost to the ceremony of Ascendancy, in addition to one in all Ramita's little one sons, to the fingers in their deadliest enemies.

In Javon, Cera Nesti, the imprisoned queen, has been freed, and plots to tackle the overpowering may of the Rondian Empire. yet status among her and her aim is a band of lethal mercenaries taking part in a deadly video game in their own.

And within the East, Seth Korion's misplaced Legions needs to navigate treacherous roads to realize security, bearing secrets and techniques which could deliver down the Emperor.

The time has come for the ceremony of Ascendancy to be played. New powers needs to upward thrust to save lots of or rattling Urte, and at the effective Leviathan Bridge itself, all should be made up our minds.

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This was going badly. In one clawed hand, the beast clutched Gerrard's head, and in the other, Tahngarth's. Its grip was implacably strong. Barbed arms entrapped them. There was no escape. Fangy jaws ratcheted wide. The beast shoved Gerrard's head toward its gullet as though his skull were a melon. It sank its teeth past the tough exterior and into red pulp and reared back. Its mouth was full of crimson chunks and seeds— Seeds? Squee hauled back the other half of the melon he had rammed in the thing's mouth.

The corridor widened farther and ascended a short flight of 54 Fancis Lebaron broad steps. The group emerged into bright daylight in the midst of Mercadia. Gerrard's first impression was of incredible noise. At the foot of the mountain, the cries of the merchants had been nothing compared to the roar up here. It was omnipresent and almost deafening in its intensity. "Hale nuts! Selling hale nuts! " "Buying simsass for coldseason. " "I have four bottles of raga wine. I'm looking for hale nuts. " On either side of the street were long stalls bursting with goods.

Twenty chained crew and twenty soldiers occupied each. The doors clanged closed. There was a violent jerk. Gerrard felt his stomach plunge. He saw the ground suddenly drop away beneath him. Hanna was nearby. She examined the device as best she could in the cramped space. "Wires," she said. "There may be wires in the supports that control the cage. " She shook her head. "It takes a lot of force to lift this many people. Pretty clever, though. This is obviously how they control access to the city.

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