Ascension (Mage: The Ascension) by Brian Campbell, Stephen Michael Dipesa, Conrad Hubbard, Sam

By Brian Campbell, Stephen Michael Dipesa, Conrad Hubbard, Sam Inabinet, Kathleen Ryan, Malcolm Sheppar

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Might only be an effort to track down more humans to kill. 33 William Adama Rank: Commander Call Sign: Husker Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, Battlestar Galactica Agility Strength Vitality Alertness Intelligence Willpower Traits Life Points Initiative Skills d6 d10 d8 d6 d8 d10 18 d6+d6 Cool Under Fire d10—A veteran of more combat situations than he can easily remember, Commander Adama rarely gets rattled or nervous. He takes things one step at a time, hardly ever raising his voice. Dull Sense (Eyesight) d2—Adama’s vision has gotten worse with age, forcing him to wear glasses to avoid squinting.

Whether they need to do these things or they’re just faking is anyone’s guess. A lot of colonials hope the physical stuff is real at least, because that would mean they can hurt. Each of the human model types appears to look the same. All the Dorals look like Dorals, for instance, and all the Godfreys look like Godfreys. They can disguise themselves, but they either can’t change their basic appearance or they choose not to. This is one of the only points in our favor so far. As each one of the twelve is identified, there are fewer chances of another sleeper agent slipping into the fleet.

Lady Luck d4—He believes that misfortune has followed his every step. In truth, Baltar lives a charmed life. When things seem to be going badly, it often leads to unexpectedly positive results. Lustful d4—Baltar truly loves women. Every woman has a secret beauty—charms that are hers alone. He works to seduce nearly every woman he meets, and never spurns a woman’s advances. Mathematician d4—Among his other talents, Baltar has always been talented with numbers. His specialties lean more toward applied mathematics rather than theoretical.

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