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Relatively stable and sedentary small, extended family- or sublineage-based communities, which interact face-to-face, are being replaced by more mobile nuclear family and single parent households, as societies have become increasingly non-agricultural, urbanized and monetized. In Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, more than 80 per cent of the people live off the land in rural areas. However, these countries have high population growth rates and even higher rates of urbanization. Fiji, the other Melanesian country that has been researched, has already experienced a shift in its population distribution in favour of towns and cities.

The gender-biased perspectives in many Pacific cultures which view women, girls and children as entities that are owned, controlled and dictated to and used to establish or build men’s power base, give support to the commodification of children. Many country reports discuss customary exchanges of children that could occur at an early age, sometimes before birth or at puberty. Often these exchanges could take place without the knowledge of the children involved, as families negotiate and make decisions for them.

The situation is regarded by some observers as being out of control, with both married men and married women taking young sexual partners (girls and boys respectively, from 14-18 years of age). Source: ESCAP and UNICEF, “A Situational Analysis of Child Sexual Abuse and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Papua New Guinea”, 2005, p. 34. I have worked in a number of nightclubs and I can say a lot of girls come to the clubs to find men who are willing to pay for sex. Some of them leave their contact details with me to give to interested male customers and I get a cut of the money for doing this.

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