Tsong-Kha-Pa's Final Exposition of Wisdom by Jeffrey Hopkins

By Jeffrey Hopkins

If items do not exist the way in which they seem, is brain itself an phantasm, or is it basically empty of illusions? Is the truth of the brain already endowed with final Buddha traits, or is fact simply the stainless nature of the brain that enables for Buddha characteristics to be constructed? Tsong-kha-pa (1357-1419), the nice Tibetan Buddhist grasp, needed to tackle those and a number of different questions on the way to formulate the character of liberation in Buddhism. This quantity offers the reasons present in Tsong-kha-pa's Medium-Length Exposition of the levels of the trail and in a statement Tsong-kha-pa provided for Chandrakirti's complement to Nagarjuna's Treatise at the heart, contrasting them with perspectives of his predecessor Dol-bo-ba Shay-rab Gyel-tsen (1292-1391), as present in Dol-bo-ba's Mountain Doctrine. the 2 systems--Dol-bo-ba's doctrine of other-emptiness and Tsong-kha-pa's doctrine of self emptiness--emerge extra in actual fact, contributing to a fuller photograph of fact as considered in Tibetan Buddhism.

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They also [wrongly] said that from the viewpoint of how they assert the ultimate, Proponents of the Middle are designated as of two types:d • those propounding an establishment of illusion by a rational a mdo sde spyod pa’i dbu ma pa, sautrāntika-mādhyamika. tha snyad du. I translate kun rdzob tu as “conventionally” and tha snyad du as “in conventional terms” not because of a difference in meaning but for the sake of being able to follow which term is being used. c rnal ’byor spyod pa’i dbu ma pa, yogācāra-mādhyamika.

Chandrakīrti’s commentary (P5268, vol. 5; Toh. 3867, dbu ma, vol. 3) is: Root of Cyclic Existence 53 [Contaminated] karmas are caused by afflictive emotions. Having a nature of afflictive emotions and karmas, The body is caused by [contaminated] karmas. Even all three are empty of inherent existence. You should train in the stages of how beings revolve in cyclic existence in this way, until ascertainment is gained. Showing that one wishing to abandon the apprehension of self should seek the view of selflessness This has two parts: the reason why, if you wish to abandon ignorance, you should seek the view realizing selflessness and how to generate the view realizing selflessness.

The Sanskrit and Tibetan texts are edited by Jan Willem de Jong, “La Madhyamakaśāstrastuti de Candrakīrti,” Oriens Extremus 9 (1962): 49, 51-52. Sanskrit: yad buddhair iha śāsanaṃ navavidhaṃ sūtrādi saṃkīrtitaṃ lokānāṃ caritānurodhanipuṇaṃ satyadvayāpāśrayaṃ / tasmin rāganirākṛtau na hi kathā doṣakṣaye jāyate dveṣasyāpi nirākṛtau na hi kathā rāgakṣaye jāyate // mānāder api yat kṣayāya vacanaṃ nānyaṃ malaṃ hanti tat tasmād vyāpitaraṃ na tatra ca punas tās tā ’mahārthāḥ kathāḥ / yā mohasya parikṣayāya tu kathā kleśān aśeṣān asau hanyān mohasamāśritā hi sakalāḥ kleśā jinair bhāṣitāḥ //.

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